Our names are Liam Gee and Abi Rushton and we are very proud to say we are Head Boy and Head Girl here at Carleton High School.

Our role is to lead the schools team of Year 11 ambassadors; fundraising for charities, representing the school at community and school events, and being advocates for the key values of Carleton which we believe are so important.

It is without doubt that we could not have achieved our role of Head Boy and Head Girl without the input, effort and support from all members of the dedicated staff here at Carleton. We would like to thank all the staff for their support and guidance and speak on behalf of the whole ambassador team in saying that we see our roles as an opportunity to apply our ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and give something back to the school that has given us so much.

We are very much looking forward to taking on the challenges and opportunities that being the Head Boy and Head Girl will bring; and with the help of the Year 11 ambassador team, we are sure we will contribute to Carleton High School having another hugely successful year!