Our names are Deniz Ucar and Olivia-Mae Butterfield, and we are very proud to say we are Head Boy and Head Girl here at Carleton High School.

We both arrived here as year seven students, excited at the prospect of starting at such a different school to our primary schools. Oh how the times have changed. As these years have seemingly flown by, Carleton High School has helped us develop into the best we can possibly be, not only growing academically, but also helping us prepare for the future wherever that may lead. Over our time here, we’ve made new friends, experienced great adventures and been given the opportunity to discover who we want to be.

The support of all the staff throughout our time here has encouraged us to reach new levels of learning and achieve to the best of our ability. The teachers provided us with friendly, studious and welcoming environments, frequently going the extra mile to ensure the best experience for every student. This is one of the many attributes that makes Carleton High School stand out from the rest.

The opportunities that the school provides are endless, ranging from trips to New York, Paris and Iceland to local residential trips, all of which we have found to have given us memories we will keep forever.  Experiences such as these have given us a fresh insight into our discovery of new cultures, alongside widening our knowledge about the rest of the world.  The school also raises an incredible amount of money for charity each year and there are so many opportunities for students to get involved, such as the sponsored Santa dash, the big 'CHS sleep out' and our sponsored colour run to name a few.

The school accommodates all interests and talents, from sports clubs to performing arts plays in our state of the art theatre. It is a school where there is something for everyone! Students of Carleton High School leave feeling proud of their accomplishments and well prepared for whatever journey they take next.

All of this has made us recognise how privileged we are to now become Head Boy and Head Girl of the school, continuing its legacy of helping students achieve to the fullest of their potential, discovering their talents and overcoming their boundaries.

One of  our roles is to lead the student leadership team; fundraising for charities, representing the school at community and school events, and being advocates for the key values of Carleton High School which we believe are so important.

We are very much looking forward to taking on the challenges and opportunities that being the Head Boy and the Head Girl will bring, and with the help of the student leadership team, we are sure that we will contribute to Carleton High School having another hugely successful year!

Deniz Ucar & Olivia-Mae Butterfield

(Head Boy)             (Head Girl)