We love to teach Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) at Carleton High School. We offer French and Spanish at GCSE level. We aim to broaden horizons and experience life outside of our community by not just developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, but also widening intercultural understanding. We provide an engaging and relevant curriculum, and our lessons offer a wide range of activities to make learning an engaging and positive experience.

We bring the world to our classroom with enrichment activities such as theatre plays, studying a second language in our extra-curricular programme and through trips to France and Spain. We take our students to see the world.

Why learn a language?

On average, people who use languages in their jobs earn 20% more. A customer on the Internet is three times more likely to make a purchase when addressed in their own language. 74% of employers are looking to employ school leavers with a languages skill. 75% of the world's population does not speak English at all. We teach languages so that our students become independent learners and have great collaborative and communication skills. Other advantages of language learning are seeing things with a different perspective, being better at multitasking and problem solving, and make sharper judgement calls. Learning another language also improves memory and quality of life, allowing people to enjoy travelling and experience different cultures.

Curriculum Maps

MFL Spanish Curriculum Map

MFL French Curriculum Map