Carleton High School has launched an exciting ‘super curricular’ programme which empowers high achieving students throughout their journey in secondary education. The Scholars’ Programme prepares students to become successful future leaders and nurtures their ability to compete for the best jobs nationally and globally.

Carleton scholars’ will experience further opportunities beyond our already broad and balanced curriculum. Our Scholars will encounter an accelerated pace of learning coupled with knowledge beyond the KS3/4 curriculum. Carleton Scholars will be fully equipped and prepared to gain offers at the most prestigious universities in disciplines such as medicine, dentistry, economics and others.

Who is the programme for?

  • Students that join Carleton High School who are ranked in the top 10% of their year group based on their KS2 SAT results.
  • Additional students may be offered a place on the Scholars’ Programme based on their academic performance during their time at Carleton High School. This acts as an incentive for all students to achieve the very best results.

Characteristics of a Scholar:

  • Enjoy learning.
  • Be intensely curious about the world around them and, in particular, about those subjects where their strengths lie.
  • Have the ability to process new information with great speed, whilst having the thirst to continually develop their knowledge and understanding.
  • Readily grasp underlying principles and make intelligent connections within and between different topics.
  • Engage in deep questioning and thought-provoking discussion.
  • Relate well to their peers and adults and work well in groups.
  • Work with increasing levels of independence.

What will the programme entail?

  • Residential trip to Oxford University to launch the programme.
  • Lectures and short courses on topics not covered in the mainstream curriculum, including involvement from outside experts E.g. Year 7 visits to Manchester University on Roman Life and Medieval Life.
  • Seminar style session to discuss and debate contemporary and sensitive topics E.g. BLM movement or #metoo.
  • Presentations to peers, the senior leadership team, trustees and other stakeholders.
  • Trips to sites of scientific, historical and cultural interest. E.g. Houses of Parliament.
  • A chance to read and reflect upon a wide range of classic novels from Literature.
  • Exposure to new languages E.g. Mandarin
  • The opportunity to take an IQ test by MENSA.
  • Visits from professionals such as dentists, politicians and accountants.