At Carleton High School, GCSE Sociology is both a popular and important subject, as it allows students to understand how society works and gives an insight into the ever changing needs of the UK and wider world. Students are able to debate differing theories and beliefs about both changes to the UK law and the application of this in different areas. The study of Family, The Education System and, Crime and Deviance, gives students the opportunity to delve into a deeper understanding of how the world works, as well as the way it affects the community in the UK, individually and as a whole. Students who study sociology must have a love of research and a good understanding of current and past affairs, including changes to the law and cultures around the world.

Whilst studying Beliefs and Ethics at Carleton High School, students will have the opportunity to explore faiths from all around the world. This not only allows them to gain an understanding of the different world views that may and do exist in their own community, but also the chance to explore their own ideas and opinions of religious belief and faith.

Whilst in Year 7 we primarily focus on the central beliefs that are present in the six world religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism). We also allows students to develop their understanding of these through the lens of Medical Ethics as students move up into Year 8.

Beliefs and Ethics is central to the development of students in the ever changing and increasing diversity of the world. Being able to show compassion and understanding for other faiths, allows students to develop a greater insight into how the world works today, but also allows them to develop their own world view and opinion on both religious and nonreligious faith.

We love to teach Health and Social Care at Carleton High School. It is a popular vocational course which will introduce students to the exciting world of caring and helping people. Students will gain the important knowledge, understanding and skills which are the foundations for working in this area. This will include many of the skills that are used by health and social care professionals on a day to day basis, such as assessing people’s health and wellbeing, and designing individualised health care plans. Students will also learn about health care services and the importance of care values, with the opportunity to apply these in realistic situations.

Citizenship at Carleton High School is a popular and important subject because it has links to many aspects of our lives today. Students will enjoy citizenship if they like the news and have opinions about issues facing our society. They will need a good understanding of news and current affairs, and will learn about democracy, voting systems, the justice system and making laws. Other topics include issues such as human rights and the welfare system.

Curriculum Map

Social Sciences Curriculum Map