Our vision is to provide a first-class education where all our pupils have the opportunity to make outstanding progress. This really matters: academic results open doors for young people, and in our achievement-focused learning culture we do whatever it takes to make sure our pupils – no matter what their starting point or background – get the chance in life they deserve. On top of this we’re committed to caring for each and every member of our school as individuals, nurturing their strengths and passions, and helping them grow to be confident and successful young adults in today’s fast-moving world. Our approach works through proven systems and processes that promote discipline and the highest quality of work in the classroom. Outstanding behaviour in school means students can concentrate on their learning in a safe and happy environment, while teachers can focus on delivering engaging lessons to their classes and continuing to grow their own professional skills. From the way Carleton High School students respect each other to their impeccable attitude in lessons and the pride they take in the school itself, it’s clear that our mantra of ‘Culture + Consistency = Excellence’ delivers results.

Carleton High is a part of Pontefract Academies Trust. All the schools in the PAT family live by a set of core values and guiding principles. They inform and guide our daily work, from the classroom to the central team.