At Carleton High School, Attendance Matters!

Research proves that there is a very clear relationship between excellent school attendance and academic achievement. Year after year, the students with the best school attendance achieve the best results. We are passionate about providing students with the best possible life chances and as such, know they have to ‘be here to get there.’

All students at Carleton High School are set an attendance target of 97% or above.

Students with 97% attendance and above are more likely to:

  • Be appointed to a well paid job.
  • Make the best progress in their subjects.
  • Develop good habits for work and wider life.
  • Achieve higher than average grades in their GCSEs.
  • Secure a place at a college, University or a training course.
  • Maintaining strong and sound friendships.

Parents, carers and families are therefore asked to ensure that their child is in school every day of term.

Attendance Process

If your child is absent from school you must telephone the Attendance team on the first day of absence before 9.00 am and provide a reason.

  • If we do not receive communication, you will receive a phone call home from our dedicated Attendance Officer.
  • A home visit may be made depending on the student’s attendance record and the nature of the absence.

Home visits will be conducted by members of the Attendance Team if a student’s attendance is of concern. The purpose of making home visits is to have a conversation with families about their young person’s attendance, complete a safeguarding check and offer support where applicable.

Please be aware that Carleton High School works closely with Wakefield Council and will transfer any cases of persistently poor attendance for possible prosecution in either the Family or Magistrates court.

Rewarding Great Attendance

100% Attendance Club

Maintaining an attendance record of 100% is a brilliant achievement and one that we are delighted to reward and celebrate. Students who achieve 100% attendance will be given a much deserved place in the 100% Attendance Club. Membership of the club entitles students to termly pop up rewards events throughout the year.

After October half term, we will welcome to the club every student that has achieved 100% attendance during the first half term of the year to the 100% Attendance club. Students stay in the club and experience various rewards that go alongside this for as long as they maintain 100% attendance.

For example, at Christmas, students have the opportunity to watch a Christmas film in our state of the art theatre.  This year we have rewards events planned such as a pass to our ‘Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ event much, much more!

In addition, we host an annual end of year celebration event where all students who have 100% attendance are invited.

We recognise 100% Attendance as being a huge achievement and one that needs significant reward and celebration! Therefore, only students with 100% Attendance will be granted access to the club. The 100% attendance club is a reward for those students who show determination and strive for excellence at school. We do, however, recognise that in some cases, absence from school is unavoidable. Examples include:

  • to mark a religious observance.
  • to attend a specialist medical appointment related to a lifelong medical condition.
  • to grieve for, and attend a funeral of an immediate family member.

In all cases where a parent / carer is seeking an exception to be made, the Assistant Headteacher must authorise this. Please complete an ‘Exceptional Circumstances form’ and return to the school by email or post.


Attendance Extravaganza!!!

All Students who maintain attendance above 97% will be able to attend our ‘Attendance Extravaganza' event in May.  The event will involve inflatables, ice cream van, candy stalls and the opportunity to win a ride on a bucking bronco!


Improvements in Attendance

The Attendance Team may, when appropriate, also provide incentives and rewards specifically targeted to individuals or groups where it is seen fit.


Is our schools
attendance target


days' absence in one year
is the equivalent of 1 GCSE grade drop in achievement


attendance is equivalent to a student
missing 4 WEEKS of school in a year.

Attendance Policy

Our Attendance Policy aims to improve attendance and punctuality, and sets out how we will achieve this together.

Attendance Policy