You can find the report of the school’s most recent Ofsted inspection from January 2017 and the subsequent monitoring visit here

Following the change of leadership in both the Trust and the school in May 2018, we have made significant changes to the school in a short space of time. We are delighted that in our most recent (November 2018) Ofsted monitoring report; Ofsted recognised that there had been ‘significant improvements’ to the school since the last monitoring visit in May.  

Carleton High is now a totally different school, here are some of the key comments from the most recent monitoring report: “The school has been a hive of purposeful activity since the previous monitoring inspection”….. “Leaders have successfully remained focused on keeping the school’s improvement journey on track.” …… “Leaders have an accurate view of what is working well and what needs to quickly improve. “The quality of teaching continues to improve.” ……“Significant improvements in the whole school behaviour policy. This has led to an improved learning environment in which teachers can get on with teaching.”…… “New Trust leaders have achieved much in a short space of time.”

Since our last monitoring visit, we have continued to drive up standards at CHS so that our students benefit from an exceptional education that places no ceiling on what students can achieve and we look forward to Ofsted completing their next monitoring visit so we can show them the further substantial improvements that we’ve made since they last visited in November!