Homework matters. We ask all parents/carers to work with the school to ensure that their children complete their homework on time and to the best of their ability.

Homework tasks are set for students to:

  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding.
  • Develop skills of organisation and self-discipline.
  • Prepare them for the demands of university or work life.
  • Extend school learning.

Pupil homework timetables 2019-2020

Key Stage 3
Homework Timetable

Key Stage 4
Homework Timetable

Show My Homework

To enable greater communication between the school and parents/carers regarding homework, Carleton High School uses an online homework package called ‘Show my Homework’. It includes a simple online calendar showing homework information, deadlines and attachments for students. Parents receive a username and password so that they can ensure that their child completes all homework to set deadlines and to the appropriate standard.

The benefits of Show My Homework for students include:

  • See all homework at the click of a button.
  • A personalised experience to help stay organised.
  • Automatic due date reminders.
  • More learning time during lessons.
  • App available from App Store and Google Play Store.

The benefits of Show My Homework for parents include:

  • See exactly how much homework has been set.
  • It is much easier to take part in home learning.
  • Translation into 50+ languages.
  • Better communication through school announcements.
  • View calendared events through the App.

Show My Homework Login:

Login by clicking the image above or visiting: https://www.showmyhomework.co.uk/login

Show My Homework Support:

Once you input your email address on Show My Homework, you can contact them directly if you need any support.

020 7197 9550

Show My Homework (parent guide) Download
Show My Homework (parent pack) Download
Show My Homework (student guide) Download
Using SMHW if you have forgotten your password Download

GDPR and Show My Homework

Due to changes related to GDPR, Show My Homework have unfortunately changed how many times you can use your SMHW pin to get into your account. In the past, a SMHW PIN could be used again and again to get back into your account, if you had forgotten your password. This is no longer the case - a PIN will only work once.

Students will all be reissued with SMHW PINs in form time on Thursday morning.

If you have already set a password and are accessing the system successfully, there will be nothing for you to do except save the PIN for any future occasion where you need it.

If you have been struggling to access SMHW and have had the message that your PIN has expired, this new SMHW PIN should let you back in (once only).

In future, if you do not have access to either PIN, students’ first port of call is their Form Tutor, who can look up a new PIN on the system in school. However, if you have parent access and you need a new retrieval PIN for a student, try the following:

To renew a PIN:

  • Parent needs to log on to a Desktop/PC not a phone, using the parent log on.
  • There is a retrieval pin shown. Copy this pin.
  • Student logs on with the new pin.
  • Student chooses a new password.
  • Student can now access again.

We apologise for the difficulties that parents and students have faced, unfortunately we were not made aware of this change to SMHW’s system and have found this equally frustrating.