Homework is an important part of being a successful and responsible learner, no matter what year group you students are in.
Teachers will set homework to help reinforce learning in students minds, as well as stretch and extend their understanding. We encourage all students to strive for excellence and do their best - looking for excellence with each piece of work.
For KS3, being able to be independently organised with homework sets students on the road to success at KS4. Good study habits, of little and often, help train their brain into readily learning and revising information and ideas they have learned in class, as well as preparing them for new learning.
At KS4, homework will very often be a crucial part of maintaining knowledge students need for examinations, practising for exam questions, or doing vital preparatory work for coursework tasks. Previous Carleton students with excellent results know that homework played a huge part in that success.
Students will always be given a full week to complete homework, and so they need to be sure to not leave it until the last night. If students need to ask questions, clarify a task, or resolve online issues, the last night is too late. That's why we will never accept excuses for incomplete homework - a week is enough to be organised and sorted. Students need to be determined to get that right - and reach excellence.

Student Homework Timetables 2021-2022

Key Stage 3
Homework Timetable

Key Stage 4
Homework Timetable

Show My Homework

To enable greater communication between the school and parents/carers regarding homework, Carleton High School uses an online homework package called ‘Show my Homework’. It includes a simple online calendar showing homework information, deadlines and attachments for students. Parents receive a username and password so that they can ensure that their child completes all homework to set deadlines and to the appropriate standard.

The benefits of Show My Homework for students include:

  • See all homework at the click of a button.
  • A personalised experience to help stay organised.
  • Automatic due date reminders.
  • More learning time during lessons.
  • App available from App Store and Google Play Store.

The benefits of Show My Homework for parents include:

  • See exactly how much homework has been set.
  • It is much easier to take part in home learning.
  • Translation into 50+ languages.
  • Better communication through school announcements.
  • View calendared events through the App.

Show My Homework Login:

Login by clicking the image above or visiting: https://www.showmyhomework.co.uk/login

Show My Homework Support:

Once you input your email address on Show My Homework, you can contact them directly if you need any support.

020 7197 9550

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