Making Payments & MCAS

Carleton High School is striving to become a paperless school. My Child at School (MCAS) enables all parents to download an Apple or Android app and access a range of additional information including details of their child’s timetable, term dates and announcements.

Once installed on a device (or accessed via the MCAS website) parents can log-in using the school ID, a unique username and invitation code.

As part of our cashless system, MCAS removes the possibility of loss or theft of money from students. Parents credit money to their child’s account online via the website with a debit card, credit card or via Paypal.

Benefits of the system include:

• Completely secure and easy to use
• You can see what meals your child has been purchasing
• Saves you from searching for cash and improves the security of payments
• If your child receives free school meals you can top this up so they can make a purchase in the morning or at break
• Pay for trips in affordable instalments
• Support available if you are unsure of how it works

Further information is available by following the link below to the Parent Guide