Art at Carleton High School engages, inspires and challenges students. Equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. Examination Board AQA Art and Design (Fine Art) [Art Textiles] Homework Expectations Homework is handed out weekly at Key Stage 4 and project based for a term at Key Stage 3. Students are expected to spend at least 2 hour on a sustained piece of drawing/painting work at Key Stage 4. As the course progresses, homework increases and annotations and presentation also form part of the independent homework expectations. Drawing is an integral part of the course, students must enjoy drawing.

Revision Links Information about the course Component 1 Coursework = 60% Component 2 Externally Set Assignment = 40%

GCSE Component 1 Coursework = 60% Comprising of two or more projects with supporting written work in the form of a sketchbook. Students will explore work in areas such as portraiture, still life, human form, surrealism and natural forms.

GCSE Component 2 Externally Set Assignment = 40% A choice of up to seven project titles set by the exam board. Students must choose one as their exam theme. Students will have a preparatory period of nine weeks in which to develop a sketchbook, leading to a 10 hour supervised drawing/painting exam. Students must be prepared to work outside school hours and at weekends in the run-up to the exam. Visits to galleries and museums are arranged on a regular basis for the benefit of students. Experience of other people's work allows students to explore the historical, social and technical aspects of all art and design, forming a basis for the work in sketchbooks and eventually their own final piece, which are an integral part of the whole course.

Year 7/Year 8 – Art & Design Information about the course
Students will work through a wide range of different short projects based on cultural themes, art movements and look at contemporary artists' work and how art impacts our daily lives. Every student is provided with a quality A4 sketchbook. Students use this to present ideas in and are encouraged to develop skill using a variety of drawing and different media. Drawing is an integral part of the course, which connects with the assessment objectives at GCSE.

Curriculum Map

GCSE Art textiles and BTEC Art Long Term Plan