“Remember, it’s your ideas that are important; the technique will come along with practice. So don’t be downhearted if things don’t always come out the way you’d intended. Sometimes it’s the mistakes that make us interesting and different” 

Jim Kay

Curriculum Intent

Our Art curriculum has creativity at its heart, inspiring our students to develop students into independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.

Through their studies, students are encouraged to take creative risks through experimentation with a diverse range of materials, techniques and processes, learning to communicate their ideas visually. Students will create personal work in response to their own ideas and the work of other artists and designers.

Students will build resilience and independence along an artistic journey working alongside their teachers with autonomy and purpose.

Curriculum Content

Each department has carefully developed curriculum plans in line with our curriculum intent. The curriculum overview for each year group in this subject can be found below.

Art Curriculum Overview

GCSE Art Textiles Curriculum Overview

GCSE Photography Curriculum Overview