As a school, we work hard to ensure that our pupils achieve grades that reflect their potential. In 2019 our pupils excelled, achieving the best results in the history of the school. Please click here for more information.

This places Carleton High School as one of the most improved schools in the country for pupil outcomes, and we are now one of the highest performing secondary schools in the Wakefield Local Authority for pupil progress.

Our Summer 2019 key headline measures are as follows:


Achieved English and Maths 4-9


Achieved English and Maths 5-9


Progress 8


Attainment 8


Ebacc Average Point Score


Pupils entered for the Ebacc



Some particular highlights from the GCSE 2019 results are shown below:


Our Biology, Chemistry and Physics results are in the top 10% in the country.


A quarter of all of our pupils achieved GCSE grades 7-9.


Our pupils achieved over a quarter of a grade better than their peers nationally, making us the second highest performing Maths department in the Wakefield Local Authority.

Subject Successes

We are now in the top 25% in the country for 11 different subject areas including Sociology, Computer Science and History to name a few.

High Grades

47 grade 9s were awarded (the new, very highest grade achievable) and a third of pupils achieved at least one grade 8 or a 9.

Progress 8

This measure demonstrates how well a school can support pupils to achieve beyond the levels that they are predicted from their starting point in Year 7. Carleton High School achieved one of the highest Progress 8 scores in the Wakefield Local Authority; our pupils achieve better than their peers nationally in all key measures.

To compare our results with other schools you can use the DFE School Comparison website:

DFE School Comparison Website