History is the study of people and the world that we know. It helps us to understand where we have been and where the world is moving towards, and learning from and understanding the mistakes of the past. History is important as it answers big questions, such as, Why are we here? Why did millions of men die and become injured in the First World War? How do dictators manage to become so powerful and commit such crimes against humanity?

History at Carleton High School is a popular subject both at Key Stage 3 and as an option subject at Key Stage 4. Throughout both key stages, students are encouraged to work both independently and collectively in developing an understanding of the key events that have shaped the world that we live in.

At Key Stage 3, we follow a chronological journey through history; starting at medieval, all the way through to the cultural changes of the 1960s. Some events are looked at in greater depth and a focus on historical skills is built upon throughout the key stage.

At Key Stage 4, students can opt to take the History GCSE. We follow the Edexcel 9-1 GCSE in History and study four topics; Medicine through Time (including an in-depth study on medicine on the Western Front), Elizabethan England 1558-1588, The American West and The USA at home and abroad (Civil Rights and Vietnam War). Skills developed in Key Stage 3 are continued into Key Stage 4, with a greater focus on specific examination skills. Students are examined in these subjects over three examination papers in the summer of Year 11.

Curriculum Map

History Curriculum Map