Literacy and reading is one of the fundamental strands in our curriculum. It is crucial that students become fluent readers who can access a
range of texts, so they can reach their full potential in the wider curriculum. Writing is a key skill and we encourage extended writing across the
curriculum; we have a joined up approach to tackle the basics. We also see the development of our students oracy skills as critical to
them becoming well rounded individuals, who can articulate themselves confidently.

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Carleton High School also has a fantastic library. It includes:

Fiction: we offer an extensive and growing collection of fiction books, suitable for all ages, abilities and tastes. We also have an extensive collection of easy reads.

Non-fiction: we stock a wide range of information books to support research, assist homework tasks and allow students to pursue their own interests.

Computers: in the library we have a bank of computers. Students can use these during lessons or to complete homework at break times and after school.

Students are expected to have a reading book with them at all times while they are in school. They can borrow most library books for a month at a time and our librarian is always willing to help students find books that they will enjoy or which will help them to improve their literacy. We do keep the library as a silent reading and working zone; there are lots of places in school to be sociable, but the library is about quiet study and reading; blissful peace and quiet!

Useful Reading Documents

Top 50 Big Reads


Accelerated Reader Link

As we are committed to further promote reading for pleasure, all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are enrolled on a programme called Accelerated Reader (AR).  This programme gives students the opportunity to engage with a range of texts and demonstrate their understanding of the book by completing an online quiz.

Certificates and acknowledgements will be awarded to those students who demonstrate excellent progress and passion for reading, with other opportunities to become 'The Chaser' when reaching word count milestones.

Students are also given a number of opportunities to visit the library with their English teacher and are given guidance to select an appropriate book based on their reading age. Students are expected to read for 20 minutes each evening to support their literacy and develop their love of reading. 

Accelerated Reader can be accessed via this link: