Maths is a core subject and as such, is studied by every student in the school from Year 7 to Year 11. Maths is an all embracing and pervading part of life; helping us to create, plan, organise and solve problems. The department, therefore, has a responsibility to create an environment whereby students are encouraged and stimulated to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics, and acquire the necessary concepts, skills and knowledge for their everyday lives. Key Stage 3 students in Years 7 and 8, follow the “White Rose Maths Hub” scheme of work. Lessons are designed to promote deeper understanding into individual topics, which allow students to ‘master’ learning.

At the end of each term, students are assessed on the knowledge across both secondary schools within the Trust. This allows us to celebrate students’ progress and also input rapid and timely intervention for those who need it. We run after school intervention sessions which are available to all students across school.

At Key Stage 4, we build on Key Stage 3 and as we start the GCSE journey students are split into two tiers. These are

· Foundation: Grades 5 -1 (OCR)

· Higher: Grades 9-4 (AQA)

The final examination at the end of Year 11 consists of three papers including calculator and non-calculator papers.

Curriculum Map

Maths Curriculum Map