“Where words fail, music speaks” – Hans Christian Andersen

Curriculum Intent

Our Music curriculum is designed to build the core skills necessary to succeed as a musician. These include performance, composition, listening and appraising.

Through the exploration of music, through a wide range of experiences that covers, popular, classical, jazz and world music styles.  We aim inspire students to develop a growing love of music, whilst developing their talent as musicians and critical engagement with music.

Our practical based curriculum focuses on both group and individual skills and supports the growth of confident students who are resilient. We challenge students to think, act and speak like those working in the field. We challenge our students to not only understand different styles and genres of music but require them to explore, discuss and demonstrate this understanding in creative ways.

Through this, all of our students will be able to enjoy and appreciate music as an essential part of their lives whilst also creating the musicians and educators of tomorrow.

Curriculum Content

Each department has carefully developed curriculum plans in line with our curriculum intent. The curriculum overview for each year group in this subject can be found below.

Music Curriculum Overview