At Carleton High School we encourage all of our students to participate in our wide-ranging extra curricular programme. This includes sporting teams, curriculum clubs and our academic ACHIEVE extra support sessions, which are compulsory for Year 11 students when they are requested to attend.

Extra Curricular Timetable

Extra Curricular


Term 4 Achieve Timetable

There are also ACHIEVE sessions for Years 7-10 throughout the course of the year.

Parents/carers will be informed if their child is required to attend an ACHIEVE session. ACHIEVE sessions for all year groups are compulsory, to ensure that all students achieve the very highest of outcomes at Carleton High School.

Year 11 students receive a personalised ACHIEVE timetable at the start of every term. If you would like another copy of this, please contact school.

In addition, the Library is open every day after school until 4.05pm. Students can read for pleasure, complete homework in a quiet environment or use the computer facilities to support their independent learning.